Neekware Inc.

Dynamic Web Development At Its Best!

We specialize in building data-driven & dynamic web applications utilizing Angular & Django frameworks.

Neekware Inc. is committed to high availability, performance, scalability, security, simplicity, and quality of experience.

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  • Who are we?

    Neekware has been in the business of dynamic & data-driven web development and services for over the past 11 years. We believe that every website & application should be designed for the future but built for today. This way we can keep the upfront cost down while allowing you to grow your business at your own pace.

  • How can we help you?

    We can help you at all stages, from the concept to the launch of your product & services. Simply tell us your requirements, schedule & budget. We will provide you with a multi-release time-line that maps onto your schedule. This way, you can choose the features you'd like to see, included in each release.

  • Why Angular & Django?

    Angular & Django are high-level web frameworks that encourage rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. They are also two of the best-documented web/app framework to date. Both communities are healthy and vibrant and the core teams are crazy smart and dedicated to making the frameworks better every day.


Neekware Inc., 133 Weber St. N. Suite 3-204, Waterloo, N2J 3G9, Canada (+1.226.476.1569)